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 Transfers from other server's

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PostSubject: Transfers from other server's    Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:51 pm

Transfers from other servers will be done by me .
I can transfer ur character from any server that your character is on at the moment .

Servers that transfer will NOT be approved are the following:
Instant 80 servers
Fun servers
All Gm servers.

Your server must have leveling rate aka a normal server for the transfer to be approved.
All transfer applications Require :
Full screenshots of your items , gold , level and titels.
Screenshot of time played
Screenshot of realmlist ( the screen where u choose a character to log in with )

Your application may not be started immediately but know that it is very important to us  and will be dealt with ASAP.

"Every new player that does not transfer a character from another server will be eligible for One 15 level boost on the character of your choice , usable at any time .

Kind regards Madara.
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Transfers from other server's
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